Jingaling (minorparadox) wrote in servingyou,

my first rant: the new evil telemarketer. .. customers

I work in a small Chinese restaurant that generally has two waiters/waitresses and no bussers for the weekdays because they tend to be a bit slow. We end up doing a bit of everything including answering the business phone cuz the majority of the kitchen doesn't speak English. However, tonight was crazy for some reason and we were barely clearing tables fast enough for people to sit down. That's when you gotta love the calls where people call in, asking you to recite entire sections of the menu at a time, and insist on getting a hypothetical cost estimate on different situations, at seven o'clock right in the middle of all the rush. Oh, and by far more brillant are the people who call in to ask if we serve Chinese food.

And an unrelated second rant, does anyone else feel terrible about sending home people who are very obviously tipsy and just about to get behind the wheel?
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