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servicing your mom for the past 50 years [entries|friends|calendar]
Servers' Escape

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holy shattered glass batman [04 Jun 2006|12:32am]

[ mood | scared ]

I've never had a customer get physically violent, for whatever reason. Tonight however, the dishwasher guy flipped out. The servers are doing closing work, I'm closing papers, another girl is washing teapots. We're both behind the counter are. The dishwasher comes in with a tray of glasses and slams them down. The other girl says 'whoa there buddy'. He then takes a glass and throws it. It shatters on the ground at her feet. She says 'what was that!?' and he responds with something like 'Fuck you buddy!' and starts muttering 'don't fucking provoke me, it's too fucking claustrophobic in here' etc etc. Gawd, I don't know how to react or what to do. He leaves and the other girl goes somewhere else. I do a little more papers and she comes back tearing and shaking. It's just us and one other server guy there and the crazy dishwasher. She says something about not wanting to tell our boss because he might kill her or something. I'm really freaked out too so I decide to call our boss. I call and she sends over a couple of men that work there. It's nice they are there but I don't want to go near that guy. He has pushed his 'slightly creepy' boundries into the realm of physically violent. We get through the rest of our work as best as possible. I can barely concentrate though. What should I have done? I was afraid to say anything to him, I don't know if he's gona flip out more and attack someone. I guess I did the best I could with calling someone else I guess. I'm assuming I won't see him again though, good thing.

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[25 May 2006|02:33am]

Oh this is incredibly awesome, I've been looking for a place like this. Man, I might have to post every night I work. Here's a little bit for starters.

I come in for the dinner shift at 3:30 and there are a few tables still there leftover from lunch. The lunch people leave and I takeover. I take the bill to a table of two college girls. That is done and go about doing other things. I see them leave and swing by their table after a bit to pick up the bill folder to notice, the folder is GONE, the ticket is still there and some cash is left however there is not enough to cover the tab let alone leave a tip. I heard from the lunch server they were acting strangely the whole time, giggling and making remarks. It's not unheard of for someone to not leave enough for the tab but steal the bill folder? Crazies...
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[18 Mar 2006|05:07am]

Heh. I **LOVE** working St. Pats. I'm a bartender.

I made uber good money, but I'm not sure if it was worth it.

Here's a list of the things I personally broke tonight:

1. 25 new pint glasses.
2. My glass tip jar.
3. The blender.
4. The dishwasher.
5. The till.
6. An electrical outlet.
7. The vacuum.
8. Maybe a toe.
9. Another fucking tooth.

Funny story. I dropped a box of pints on my foot, broke most of them. And quite possibly a toe. Of course this was during my most slammed time of the night. I finally get that all swept up and trashed. Then I go to grab my cute little tip jar I keep on the counter and slam it into my beer taps. That fucker was full of quarters and bills. They went everywhere, as did shards of glass. I get that mostly cleaned up (the bills, I just left the coins on the floor as I was too busy to pick them all up) when my dishwasher stops running. Just stops. I pull all the glasses out and start tearing the machine up while trying to pour drinks as fast as I can and cash out customers. Then the till stops working. Just stops. Thankfully I'm one of those employees who has a till key, so I unlocked it, and just grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down all the drinks I was selling while making change for the customers. I finally get through the rush, and have time to fix my dishwasher. I turn my attention the the till and get it unjammed, somehow, when I borke my tip jar a quarter had fallen into the till and jammed the gears. I finally get settled, and have an uneventful 15 minutes to enjoy a peaceful, un-broken bar. A customer comes in and asks for a blended virgin strawberry margarita. I load the blender and start it. Thank god I walked to the other side of the bar, because all of a sudden there was this huge snap, and electric sparks shoot out of the blender. So it, and the socket it was plugged into are both shot. I ended up muddling most of the margarita and apoligizing to the customer that it was so "chunky". He was fine, paid the $2 for the drink, and then left his change on the counter. Thinking he had made a mistake and forgotten it, I followed him and went to hand it back. Nope, it was for me. $18 on a $2 drink!! Woot!! Then I start vacuuming, and am doing well, when my vacuum starts to smell funy. Yup. Worn belt. In order to replace it, you have to strech the huge rubber belt and twist it to attach it. Well it slipped and ended up slingshoting into the tube of the vacuum to where it was impossible for me to get it out. Whatever, I'm done at this point. Just done. I put it in the back office and tape a note on it. They can deal with it in the morning. I'm counting out my till, and I must have been grinding my teeth (No clue why... my night wasn't stressful or anything.....) when I feel a sharp ass pain in my mouth. Half of one of my molars is gone. Just broke off. Fuckity mcFuckfuck.

At least my cocktailer was awesome, my tips will pay for the dentist and *I* don't have to pay for any of my breakage.

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A virgin [03 Nov 2005|05:24pm]

Hello. I just joined because I am going to apply at a few places this weekend. I was just wondering if any of you live in Newport Beach or a similair area, and work at a bar. I don't know how much to expect to make. I need to know because I'm moving and need to know what I can afford. Thank you.
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Probably a long shot :) [03 Aug 2005|07:45pm]

This is probably a long shot - but is anyone in here or used to live in Tampa? Any places you can recommend waitressing?

I'm moving there in 5 months, and I used to waitress, and I definately want to get back into it when I move down there!

Thanks! :)

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[31 Jan 2005|12:40pm]

Yesterday was by far the worst day I've ever had as a server. First, we were slammed, our entire outside section was full. I was on the sidewalk, which means I have to travel a half a block to get to the kitchen. I also picked up a couple tables inside, so I, along with everyone else was getting a little crazy. Just to paint a quick picture of my state of mind, I haven't had a full day off from work and/or school in 3 weeks, and this was my forth double of the week and my second where I would have to work straight through with little or no break. I wasn't the only one that had a schedule like this, but it's my story so I get to complain. :)

Cut for length and for posting it in two communities...Collapse )
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[19 Dec 2004|09:09am]

i just found this community but i see nobody has posted in a long time. :( that sucks cause i was super excited. i might post anyway to get things off my chest about work. so while i am talking to nobody, i will introduce myself to nobody. i nobody, i am Christen. i work at applebees in Netown, PA. i used to work at an apple in florida before i moved here. i have been with the company almost 2 years between both. i have been a server, but right now i am a carside specialist. that's fancy for: to-go girl, or as we call ourselves: "the to(e) go hoes" haha. so anyway, we take to-go orders and then take them out to lazy people in their cars. i make $7/hour, but i still get tipped pretty well too. usually around 10% of my sales. weekends we have 2 people on, so we split tips. i usually walk with 50-60. weekdays are better because we're alone so we keep it all. we're not as busy, but since i am alone i usually make around $75. i love my job. i hate serving and never want to go back to it. i pick up a serving shift every once in a while if they need me to or someone asks me to because they want off. but i hate it. ok, enough about my job. nice to meet you nobody. i will be back to talk to you again very soon probably. hope it's okay if i bitch about rude customers to ya! :)
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First post [10 Sep 2004|12:01am]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi, I'm Katie, I just joined. I not a waitress but I do work for a catering company, I help prep the food and then drive to it to whatever function is going on, and then set up the buffet line, and refill any food or condiments. It is rare to get a tip, since most functions we do are for schools. But today was so nice, I got a $100 tip from a church group of little old ladies. When she asked for the bill she also asked if a hundred dollars was enough of a tip! This was even after I showed up to the function late, but I was able to get everything set up on time to eat with help from her daughter. The coordinator even went up to the microphone and asked all of the ladies to give me a round of applause for a job well done.

I have a question, do you think I got a nice tip because I did well, or because I may remind them of a granddaughter (I'm 21 but look a lot younger, I'm constantly asked when I graduate high school), OR because I wear glasses? I know this question came out of left field, but I have noticed I have been getting bigger tips than other servers. I'm still new there and everyone else has been working there for years. I'm the only one who wears glasses, and I have been told by a waiter friend of mine that he always goes home with like 10% more tips when he wears his glasses. I've tried looking on the internet for a study, but I couldn't fine one that involved glasses. Just curious.

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Bitchy Fat Women [31 Aug 2004|02:27pm]


I hate fat women in mt restaurant. Especially if they order Diet Coke. Yesterday there were these two women sitting in one of my booths. Food is really cheep at my restaurant, so it was a feat for their bill to reach $45, cuz there were only two of them. They each ordered a giant meal-sized salad with extra avocado and an egg-cup of feta cheese. Then the one lady also got an omlette and a roast beef sandwich with extra meat and extra cheese, each of which come with potatoes and something else. The other lady got a sandwich which she wanted extra meat on as well, and she senht it back once cuz it wasn't toasted enough, and then again cuz it was toasted too well. They were total bitches. They had me and several other servers running all over, and they ultimatly left me $5 for a tip. What the hell. Oh yea, and they actually ate most of the food as well. Anyway, I made a lot of money that day, so that was alright. But they were bitches.



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[28 Aug 2004|05:20pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

I never refused to go back to a table until today...

Read more about a physcotic woman (a bit long, sorry)Collapse )

Also posted in gimmietips

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Hello [16 Aug 2004|02:24pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I am a server at First Watch in Naples Florida. I love it, but I can't have drunk tippers sadly, so I've never made more that $125 in a morning. And that was a couple of days ago, right after hurricane Charley when nobody had power. Yay for FPL sucking ass! Bye

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hello. [08 Aug 2004|02:53am]

this is kinda cross-posted. and i'm bragging. because i'm excited. don't be mad. i totally made $173 tonight. and i didn't even have to bust too much ass. that's the most i've ever made in one night. whee.
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[26 Jul 2004|10:17am]

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[23 Jul 2004|02:38pm]

[ mood | happy ]

you know... this is something very small but very wonderful.

today i was waitressing at the italian restaurant and the hostess sat my table and forgot to give them a kids menu. so the lady asks me for a kids menu. but in the midst of everything, i forgot. so i see the grandmother get up and return with one. when i see her, i apologize immediately for forgetting. and you know what the lady said to me?

"oh honey, it's ok. it's not your job."

.... and you know what? it wasn't. imagine that.

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my first rant: the new evil telemarketer. .. customers [15 Jul 2004|01:50am]

I work in a small Chinese restaurant that generally has two waiters/waitresses and no bussers for the weekdays because they tend to be a bit slow. We end up doing a bit of everything including answering the business phone cuz the majority of the kitchen doesn't speak English. However, tonight was crazy for some reason and we were barely clearing tables fast enough for people to sit down. That's when you gotta love the calls where people call in, asking you to recite entire sections of the menu at a time, and insist on getting a hypothetical cost estimate on different situations, at seven o'clock right in the middle of all the rush. Oh, and by far more brillant are the people who call in to ask if we serve Chinese food.

And an unrelated second rant, does anyone else feel terrible about sending home people who are very obviously tipsy and just about to get behind the wheel?
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[10 Jul 2004|04:37pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

oh come on people... i can't be the only one posting in here.

but here is one thing that i LOVE about waitressing:

one day, i'll get $60... which is normal. then the next day i'll make a whopping $250. is that not insane?! i think it's the possibility that you might make that much money in one night that keeps me coming back to this business.

yay for drunk tippers!

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[04 Jul 2004|12:00am]

[ mood | cranky ]

the past three days of serving have been probably the worst i've ever had.

1. don't call me baby. i introduce myself for a reason. call me by my name ass hole.
2. yes i have a boyfriend, and even if i didn't i wouldn't date you anyways.
3. ... not that any of this is any of your business.
4. put your hands down. do not wave at me or motion with your hands when i am less than 2 feet away from you. i can hear you.
5. never snap your fingers at me. ever. i will ignore you.
6. if you are older than me, do not call me mam unless you are a guy.
7. do not grab my ass.
8. if you are in love with splenda, please bring some with you. it is not my fault that the restaurant does not have any.
9. even though i work as a restaurant, i am human... please remember that i have fucking feelings too.
10. if you tip $2 when you just spent $40 on a meal, you're a bitch.

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woohoo! [20 Jun 2004|03:19pm]

first entry... i have to make it quick because i have to get to work.

welcome! and feel free to post whatever you want. i'd like this community to grow a little so share this with your other server friends. rant, rave, or whatever. enjoy!
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