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I never refused to go back to a table until today...

Well, we were very very busy at lunch today. It hasn't been that busy in a couple of months, since season ended. Anyway, I had 6 tables scattered around my outside area at my work (we were rotating, so I felt even more busy since all my tables weren't together). This woman and man sit at one of the tables and the sidewalk and order their drinks. So I took there order and make my way around to my other tables to see what they need. Bring there drinks, take their food order (which includes a VERY well done cheeseburger). Then take care of my other tables and punch in there order. So I go back out, take care of whatever the other tables needed, dropped a couple checks, took a couple drink orders, went back inside, came back out took care of some other things, ect. And this woman comes up to me...WHILE I'M TALKING TO ANOTHER TABLE and goes "Excuse me, he needs another beer". Now I understand she probibly wasn't getting the best service since we were pretty busy, but come on, who just walks up to their waitress and starts talking to them while shes taking care of another table...erg. Ok, so I bring the guy his beer and she says to me "We've been waiting a really long time, about 30 mins, Where's our food?" so I replied "I'm sorry ma'am, you ordered a very well done cheesebuger, they have to cook it until its very well done. The other sandwich is up, I'm just waiting on the burger." so she tells me to just bring the other sandwich out. Fine. So I went in the back and both were up so I grabbed them both and brought them to the table. I drop off the sandwiches and she askes for mustard and tabasco sauce. So I said ok, and stopped by to check on my three of my other tables, as I was dropping a check, she stands right next to me and starts almost yelling at me "I asked for mustard and tabasco sauce, where's my mustard and tabasco sauce???" I almost started to explain to her that she wasn't the only table I was serving, but I just decided to bite my lip, say yes ma'am and ask one of the other waitresses to bring their stuff to the table because I would not deal with them anymore. I was so mad. I mean what did she want me to do? Just keep running back and forth for her and fuck my other tables? No, I'm sorry lady, but that's not how this job is done, I'm going to check on everyone while I'm outside so I can keep everyone as happy as possible. You're not the most important person in the world. Anyway, after my friend brought their stuff, they complained that their burger was cold (im-freacking-possible, since it was just off the grill when I took it) and the man complained that it took forever for him to get his beer. Assholes. Ahhh...I feel a little better now...

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i hate people like that who think they are the only table you have. they act like you should ignore everyone and only pay attention to them. selfish jerks!
There are far too many people who think they are the only ones who exist.. I can tell you other servers certainly understand it, especially when they themselves go out to eat somewhere. I've had a woman interupt me while I was serving another table to ask for chopsticks, wasn't even busy, she simply interupts the man at another table who is giving me his order "Miss, MISS MISS, I NEED chopsticks". Biting your lip is real hard, you really just want to give them what for.