Valerie (arianamaize) wrote in servingyou,

Bitchy Fat Women

I hate fat women in mt restaurant. Especially if they order Diet Coke. Yesterday there were these two women sitting in one of my booths. Food is really cheep at my restaurant, so it was a feat for their bill to reach $45, cuz there were only two of them. They each ordered a giant meal-sized salad with extra avocado and an egg-cup of feta cheese. Then the one lady also got an omlette and a roast beef sandwich with extra meat and extra cheese, each of which come with potatoes and something else. The other lady got a sandwich which she wanted extra meat on as well, and she senht it back once cuz it wasn't toasted enough, and then again cuz it was toasted too well. They were total bitches. They had me and several other servers running all over, and they ultimatly left me $5 for a tip. What the hell. Oh yea, and they actually ate most of the food as well. Anyway, I made a lot of money that day, so that was alright. But they were bitches.



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