Nicole (therealnicolio) wrote in servingyou,

Yesterday was by far the worst day I've ever had as a server. First, we were slammed, our entire outside section was full. I was on the sidewalk, which means I have to travel a half a block to get to the kitchen. I also picked up a couple tables inside, so I, along with everyone else was getting a little crazy. Just to paint a quick picture of my state of mind, I haven't had a full day off from work and/or school in 3 weeks, and this was my forth double of the week and my second where I would have to work straight through with little or no break. I wasn't the only one that had a schedule like this, but it's my story so I get to complain. :)

So it slowed down a bit and I had two tables, one inside and one outside. I got a new table outside and got their drink order. I go get their drinks, including a glass of red wine, and bring it back to the table. So I go to set down the drinks and, I don't even know exactly how I did this, but I SPLIT RED WINE all over the guy at my table. I apologized a million times and the guy was really nice about it and I ran inside to try to find something to clean off his shirt. The bartender ended up helping him and I got him another glass of wine. So I go back to the table, an emotional mess, and got their food order. As I was taking their food order, my other tables food, that had taken a while to come out, was ran by one of the other waiters. So then the guy on that table goes, "I didn't order it". So I look at the table, and it looks right so I say, "Chicken Pita?". And he goes, "No, I ordered this Pesto Chicken Pizza". Go ahead, say both of them out loud right now and see how similar they sound. :P So by then, with a combination of my long hours, just recovering from being slammed, spilling the wine on the guy, and fucking up the other guys order, and everyone coming up to me and asking if I was ok, I had to run in the back so I didn't start crying all the way (I was already very close). There's more to it but to make a very long story shorter, yesterday sucked.

Oh, also that night, I had a table come in that night of five slightly drunk French Canadians, of course I was expecting to get screwed, especially when they asked for separate checks. But, they turned out really nice and were joking around with me the whole night, so when it was time to get their check I was thinking to myself that even if they tip 10% I wouldn't be that upset, cause I had a nice time serving them. But a surprise to me, when I picked up the checks they had tipped 20% so I went outside and thanked them very much.
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