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holy shattered glass batman

I've never had a customer get physically violent, for whatever reason. Tonight however, the dishwasher guy flipped out. The servers are doing closing work, I'm closing papers, another girl is washing teapots. We're both behind the counter are. The dishwasher comes in with a tray of glasses and slams them down. The other girl says 'whoa there buddy'. He then takes a glass and throws it. It shatters on the ground at her feet. She says 'what was that!?' and he responds with something like 'Fuck you buddy!' and starts muttering 'don't fucking provoke me, it's too fucking claustrophobic in here' etc etc. Gawd, I don't know how to react or what to do. He leaves and the other girl goes somewhere else. I do a little more papers and she comes back tearing and shaking. It's just us and one other server guy there and the crazy dishwasher. She says something about not wanting to tell our boss because he might kill her or something. I'm really freaked out too so I decide to call our boss. I call and she sends over a couple of men that work there. It's nice they are there but I don't want to go near that guy. He has pushed his 'slightly creepy' boundries into the realm of physically violent. We get through the rest of our work as best as possible. I can barely concentrate though. What should I have done? I was afraid to say anything to him, I don't know if he's gona flip out more and attack someone. I guess I did the best I could with calling someone else I guess. I'm assuming I won't see him again though, good thing.
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